Paperless and hassle-free loyalty cards that you can carry around using your smart phone. Collect sticas for redemption or collect them as a hobby!

In case you don’t already know what we’re talking about:

Stica – noun | stic-a | resembles a physical sticker that children collects as a hobby but way cooler as you can redeem promos with our version.

Collecta – noun | col-lec-ta | a person who collects certain things as hobby.

Welcome! You’re at the right place if you are looking for an app platform to leverage and add value to your business. MeCanStica enable your business with fun loyalty program that does not require printing cost and comes with analytics to help you understand your customers better.

All you need is a unique QR to kick-start.

Get one today.

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Look into your customers behavior and review your business strategy.


We have a relevant Facebook database that we use to promote our merchants from time to time.

We use push notifications and in app notifications to convey messages / promotions to our users anytime anywhere.

App Features

Merchant Sticas

Fun and exclusive stica designs for merchants to market promos

Organized Stica Album

Stica album specifically for merchant sticas

Hunt Function

Location-based search for users to locate nearby merchants and their offers and promos

Lucky Spin

Lucky spin increases chance for users to get Merchant Sticas and mCoins

Come and check out our past collaborations with merchants. MeCanStica has been used in treasure hunt, pageant, contests and past campaigns.


Find out more on how we can work together to create campaigns for your business!