MeCanQReetings serves as a video greeting tools as well as a product-validating app. It should be the only app you'll need whenever you go shopping!

Giftings with MeCanQReetings

Gift shoppings are now a little bit more personal as MeCanQReetings adds a fun element with its video greetings.

Boost your spirit of giving with a short video QReeting to the recipient who will be notified to scan the QReeting Code to see your video.

Keep your loved ones closer, one QReeting at a time.

Flaking Out Fakes

Serving mainly as a product-validator, MeCanQReetings provides you with an unshakeable sense of comfort knowing your validated purchases are authentic.

Each product will bear a MeCanGen QR Code and once scanned with MeCanQReetings, all the information validating the product details will be displayed.

Scan. Validate. Purchase.

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