Have you experienced rush hour during lunchtime?
Everywhere is packed with people gobbling down their food to meet the one hour lunch deadline.

We’ve come up with a solution to help minimize a step in the rush to give you that extra 15 minutes by introducing MeCanOrder — an app that let’s you browse the menu of restaurants and pre-order before you arrive at the location!

Here's how it works

Get Started

Download the MeCanOrder
app to get started and log in.

Browse Menu

Choose the restaurant and
browse their menu.

Pre Order

Proceed to the restaurant
to retrieve your order!

How may we help you enhance your business?

MeCanOrder brings convenience to your customers and to you by using an online menu ordering system that minimizes error and optimizes time!

Paperless Menu

Easy to view, edit and update your online menu with just a click away.

Manages Restaurant
High Traffic Efficiently

Less communication error between customers and working staffs means a lot more to both parties!

Daily sales reporting

End your day efficiently with the easy to view daily sales report and accessible via your smart device

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