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  • New Registrations

    What is MeCan’s Single Login?
    MeCan’s mobile applications run on a single login platform. While it is safe and secure, our Single Login allows you to access all of our mobile apps from one account.

    I recently signed up as a user to one of your apps and have not received the verification email from MeCan. What should I do?
    First and foremost, thank you for signing up with us. Regarding the email issue, please follow these steps:

    • Kindly refresh your browser/email app. Still not there?
    • Perhaps you could check your Spam/Junk folder. Still not there? Odd.
    • Drop us a line at with these details:
        • Username
        • Email Address
        • Phone Model
        • OS Build (e.g. Android Kit Kat/iOS 6/etc.)

    I can’t search or download MeCanOrder / MeCanStica / MeCanCommerce from the App Store or Play Store. Please help.
    There might be a few reasons behind why our apps don’t turn out in either the App Store or Play Store. Here are the more common reasons:

    • For iPad users, try switching the options between apps for tablets and phones and kindly try again.
    • For most users, it might be an issue with the minimum requirements of your device. Try updating the OS Build of your device to the current version.
  • Existing Users

    Why does it say my Username and/or Password is invalid?

    • There might be a few reasons to the problem, firstly you would have to check and make sure that you have a stable internet connection, the username is the registered email address and password you’ve entered is correct. You may opt to sign in via MeCan log in or through your Facebook account.

    I am unable to log in to the app using my Facebook account.

    • You may have restricted your FB access for the app. You can edit this by logging into your Facebook account, click on [Settings], select [Applications]; look for MeCanStica, and allow it to access your Facebook account. Please take note that some smart devices may have slightly varied steps to allow access for Facebook account log in. You may contact us at for more detailed help.

    I am unable to log in to the app/did not receive any activation email.

    • Kindly be extra careful when entering your email address. Common spelling mistake example: .con instead of .com
  • MeCanOrder

    Why it is important to use/confirm/provide a valid mobile number?
    Our system will generate a verification SMS each time an order is made to protect both the eatery and the user.

    For instance, when pre-ordering at Nam Heong, your mobile number will be used as a reference number to your orders. You would need to enter this reference number or phone number to retrieve your saved orders from the tabletop devices at Nam Heong.

    Why I am unable to see my preordered items that i have previously selected from menu?
    After selecting items from the menu, it will be added into the cart. After reviewing the order summary, you need to tap Save to save the order.

    Do i need to make payment when i preorder for Nam Heong through the app?
    You do not need to make payment during preorder until you visit Nam Heong and retrieve the saved order, you will be able to edit before you confirm the order.

    Why can’t I update my profile in the app?
    Kindly contact and further detailed assistance shall be provided.

    I did not receive my activation code via SMS.
    It normally takes a few minutes for you to receive the activation code via SMS, depending on the network availability of your telecommunication service provider. If it’s taken too long, you can write to us at, provide us with your sign up details, and we will assist to check your account status.

    My activation code is not working.
    You can visit the login page and enter the email you’ve used to sign up, we have a link for you to request for another activation code. Do make sure to check your mobile number is correct.

    Once i am done with my reservation and menu selection and ready to pay, I am unable to complete payment as the payment page becomes blank once I click ‘Pay’.
    Kindly contact us at and provide information based on the few questions found below, in order to help our payment gateway in troubleshooting:

    1) The issue happened on which SDK platform (Android or IOS)?

    2) Did the mobile user conduct the transaction using a mobile browser (Google Chrome,    Safari, Mozilla) or via MeCanOrder app?

    3) What is the user’s email address and date of transaction?

    4) Which bank did the user used to perform the transaction?

    Alternatively, please try to perform the reservation via desktop and see if the same problem persists.

  • MeCanStica

    How do i start collecting sticas?
    Sticas can be collected in 3 ways, by sharing among fellow stica collectors, scanning available QR code or through lucky spin.

    How do i unlock merchant’s stica and what is the benefit of doing so?
    Merchant sticas can be unlocked by various methods mainly by scanning the QR code provided by the said merchant with its terms and condition. You may also obtain merchant sticas by playing the lucky spin and sharing amongst friends within the app. Our merchants have set aside exclusive deals specially for MeCanStica users.

    What is a campaign stica and how do I join a campaign?
    Campaign sticas are created for special collaborations between MeCan and its merchant during promotional periods! Stay tuned to our social media pages to catch our past and on-going campaigns. You may find special campaigns in its exclusive album.

    How do i scan a QR code and where can i find the QR codes to scan?
    In the home screen of the app, there is a plus sign (+) at the middle bottom of the screen. Tap into the plus sign (+) and choose scan option to scan a QR code. You may find MeCanStica QR codes in our merchant’s store, on our social media pages or by scanning your fellow sticas QR code.

    What is the function of the hunt button?
    The hunt button can be found at the second from left bottom of the home screen. You may use it to find sweet deals from merchants that are near to you.

    How do i exchange sticas with my friends?
    You will need to have a minimum 2 of the same sticas to be able to exchange with a friend, the number of same sticas that you have will be shown in a blue circle at the bottom right at the stica. The more number of sticas you have, the more of it that you may exchange with friends.

    I’ve sent a stica exchange request to a friend and the counter has also shown a deduct in the number of stica that i have but i have not received any stica in the exchange.
    Each time a stica exchange has been initiated, the system will reserve the said stica and wait for the approval of your friend. Your friend could either approve or reject the exchange and in the case of a reject, the reserved stica will be returned to you. The exchange request will be automatically cancelled if 48 hours have passed since the request has been made, the reserved stica will be returned to you and no exchange will be counted.

    How do i manage my redeemed deals and/or claim the deals?
    You may find certain sticas contain special deals from our merchants and you can manage them from your ‘wallet’, found in the profile tab, wallet icon next to your profile picture. Once you have collected enough sticas for redemption, you will need to visit the participating merchant shop and tap on the Claim Now button. The merchant will need to enter a specific code to void the redeemed item to authenticate the redemption.

    Where can i find information or news on the latest stica campaign or special deals from MeCanStica’s merchants?
    The icon on the bottom most right of the home screen is your inbox, where we are able to communicate to you via in app notification on the latest stica campaigns or special deals that is currently available from MeCanStica’s merchants. You may also follow our social media pages for similar information and keep up to date.

    How can i sign out of MeCanStica?
    Click on Profile, which can be found on the bottom second right icon located in the home screen. Tap on the settings icon and click Log Out.

    I am interested in getting an exclusive stica for my business. How do i go about it?
    We would love to hear from you! You can write to our Sales & Marketing team at Here’s a quick link to our form