MeCan serves as a digital platform to empower entrepreneurs and to connect them with consumers. At the same time, we reward our community of users with Shared Rewards Program (SRP).

Our Founder

When I began my journey as an entrepreneur, I was told to work hard and that I would face challenges before I can enjoy success. Equipped with knowledge passed down from my parents and my personal experience while working in the family business, I worked hard to start my career as a businessman.

After being fairly successfully in my business, I was determined to give back to the society but times have certainly changed. I observed that things move differently for millennials — at a faster pace and begin to realise that giving back to today’s society requires more effort. With the rise of globalisation, we spend more time with technology, require instant and round-the-clock connectivity; and are exposed more to real-time information. Thus, businesses need to keep up by operating 24-hours globally.

MeCan is a company that seeks to provide solution for businesses to keep up in a world where technology is slowly but surely taking over.

Andy Goh
Co-Founder of Oldtown Group
Founder of Nam Heong Ipoh