Bringing new entrepreneur culture into your business
Break the cycle and gain control of your business.
Technology has undeniably taken over the world by storm, MeCan strongly believes that technology acts as an enabler for us to create a new business culture. Our facilities will be able to make things easy for you to make business decisions that will impact what and how your brand, product and services will be in the coming future.

Our vision is to ensure that our entrepreneurs has the best practises in their businesses and their products are well dominated at a global scale.

Our mission is to create an all rounder platform and supporting eco-system that allows entrepreneurs to gain control of their business and create a new sustaining business module.

Our 3 Core Solutions:

Breaking the barrier by disrupting the conventional way of business, gaining control and reinventing the supply chain demand.
Big Data Strategy
Optimisation of Big Data facilities by strategically dictating your brand, product placement and business journey.
Putting your plans to action with full visibility and control within the palm of your hands.

Our Promise

Support homegrown SME businesses and entrepreneurs by exposing them to new business opportunity
Cater to a seamless experience that is sustainable and channel neutral across digital and traditional platforms
Develop an innovative platform and create opportunities that support full control on the entreprenuers’ business
Provide a versatile platform that encourages continuous business growth for entrepreneurs
Our Current Project

New Business Culture & Social Commerce

MeCan Trade was created to envelope a seamless solution of an entire ecosystem from a birth of a product till the end of its life span.

New Business culture provides an opportunity to all sellers to reinvent their business strategy, redirect their supply and demand chain, retarget and expand their product demographics outreach alongside strengthening brand propositions in the market.

This curated business plan will open up endless opportunities in the social commerce environment. It will also accelerate and compliment the eCommerce society that we live in today.

Which creates a whole new Social Commerce habitat where “Everyone can Trade”


Our platform is ready for you to use anytime, anywhere. From systems, support and sales, we already have the facilities for you just at the tip of your fingers. Get started today!

We have affordable affiliated resources for subscription to make smarter choices and map out your business strategies, marketing ideas, logistic choices and beyond.

As our processes and system is carefully curated for business owners like you, we take pride to allow leverage of our facilities for the safety of your business especially in the financing sector which provides you non-exposure rates and transactions of your choice.

We provide a sustainable cycle to your business every step of the way. MeCan will collaborate with you and take you on a business journey to go keep going to the next level and beyond borders.

As the world begins to accept business technology, start reinventing your business to create and dominate your digital foot print.

Our Personalities

MeCan was founded in year 2010 with only one clear vision — to create solutions for businesses. The Founder and the think tank, simply known as Andy, started off with conceptualizing and infusing technology to significantly ease businesses’ operation in-store, namely successfully deploying it across his very own, Nam Heong, Ipoh branches.
The cohesiveness of technology has shown success and has given Andy a sense of motivation and determination to promote efficient technology within the business community. He saw big potentials in homegrown creations, heritage and culture that could one day evolve into success and transform the world.
For years, he has encountered a good amount of reasonably good, homegrown products whom did not have the proper business formula or platform to evolve into an international brand as what he has done with his own. He saw local entrepreneurs who were constantly seeking some form of solution and optimization to succeed without having to invest too heavily.
In Andy’s views, he decided to share the formula to success and went on to birth the idea and formed MeCan Trade. Putting all his network, experience and ideas into manifesting his vision to support keen entrepreneurs. His mandated mission for MeCan Trade is to place every Entrepreneur unique creation on a global scale.
All of these, without losing the core principle of business and self empowerment to achieve goals at a faster, convenient, efficient and cost effective platform. Hence, his next big venture deep dives into cross-border trading, which opens up a much bigger opportunity, powered with Big Data for global business aspirants. He ultimately aims to become the platform for international trading with the integral principles that he has established from the very beginning.
CEO & Founder


Throughout her 18 years of experience with Genting Malaysia Berhad, Micco pioneered and led the conceptualisation and implementation of the Genting Rewards Card Member loyalty programme — from scratch, to the success story that it is today. She has connected over 200 merchants with 3,000 outlets for card acceptance in Malaysia.

Another notable achievement is her role as project lead who successfully organized a 6-day Genting Great Gift Bonanza for 30,000 members — a multi-million dollar success for the company and its merchant partners.


With over 15 years in both managing and implementing the ERP system for FMCG companies, Lawrenz is known to many as a highly efficient project lead. He was also the Executive Director of a homegrown Malaysian beverage manufacturer, bringing in over RM10mil in annual revenue during his tenure.

A man of many hats, Lawrenz has also previously carried the Creative Lead title for Microsoft (Seattle campus) whilst working on a state government project.


Through 15 years of experience taking on diverse pivotal roles within Fuji Xerox’s Sales and Marketing division, Jay Chong had led the team through a successful business expansion in the Southeast Asian region. Highly motivated, persuasive and a natural extrovert, Jay is known for building high performance teams and developing confidence in strategic partners.

He is a firm believer that “a happy customer is a repeat customer” and values teamwork as the driving force to any successful business.